In the Beginning

February 8, 2010

Wow…… Where to begin?.

Well i am the 17 G33k and for those of you who speak english as a primary language that would be IT Geek (i did try for itgeek but it was already taken).  Currently i am a early 20’s Techie in a senior role in a well respected state run secondary school in greater london.  After spending the past few weeks slowly realising how many other people have blogs to talk about how amazing their job are  i decided to open up my own personal view of the other side of the it world.

I must admit i have spent a lot of time reading The angry technicians blog but this is to be a monster all of my own doing.

DAY 1 in the beginning………

The one thing that triggered me into finally writing this own must be the events of this morning.

Finally got into work and the file server has been abused by the staff again, Some kind loving fellow (who is soon going to find my boot mark on his behind) decided to re organise ALL the staff shared data into what was a more logical order to him without asking, consulting or even telling anyone first…….  Gawd i do love monday mornings, needless to say i have wasted most of the morning RE-Ordering Chaos and fixing shortcuts for everybody.

To add to this “fun” a courier company was due this morning to collect some goods for return to manufacturer. Simple enough i heay you say.  I was told Company A would be coming to pick up said goods on mondy morning. Still Quite simple.  Company B turns up and picks up my box and begins walking it to the van (only noticed in passing on the way to the staffroom, Apparently Company B have been told to collect “a parcel” from the school to return to “West Midlands”.  Upon further interigation of this courier there is no company name, no postcode and no further details for me to varify that this will get back to the manufacturer?.  Not being had so easily parcel gets taken back to my office and an irate courier is left standing in the carpark with a collection notice for his random parcel and no parcel.  Only 2 minutes later a second courier (actually from company A) turns up and offers me the correct paperwork for the parcel i sign and off it goes and the courier from company B is left standing in the carpark wondering what has just happened and how he is going to explain the paperwork.

Finally (and this really was the icing on the cake) the techie i share my dark cupbord of doom (aka the office) with answered the door just at the end of lunch to a small child who wanted to know where he could get some AA batterys from, Now i have had many requests for all sorts from paper for the printer (go to reprographics) to i need a flat screen because i dont like the current CRT because it is flickering and hurting my eyes and blah blah blah (replace CRT with older bigger more reliable CRT monitor {she was far from a favourite} ). What my technician came out with next saw the student puzzled and me on the floor in creases, He looked right at the student and said “try a shop”.  The kid stunned into silence and with me incapacitated on the floor the door was shut and my techie was slightly bermused as to what was so funny, if only he knew.

Right Anyhow back to my “magical” world of “work”

Happy safe computings

17 G33K